26 Aug 2012

Preference: Pregnancy

HI :)
I know you all want longer stories but the thing is I don't have time for that. I can't update regulary and I'm pretty sure that'd be annoying for you and me. I'll do these one-shots as often as possible with your ideas. Like tell me what you want it to be about.. marriage, fights, jelouasy, first day, frist meet etc. This prefence is pregancy. I hope you undertsand that I need to do it like this.. please don't hate me!xx
The Girl from germany idea is GREAT! Hope it's okay that i change it into 'you live in another country', just so more people Can relate! Thank you :)
It's on the list! Before that someone suggested another thing where Justin is a bad-boy, so I'll do one more of them. :)
Come up with something you'd like me to write! Pretty please...;)
Now here you go:

Positive. Positive. Postive. It was positive. The test said what I had been dying to know.. I was pregnant. Was it good? or bad? I had no idea. But it was there. The baby was growing inside me. With a gulpe I threw the test in the trashcan and sat down on the edge of the toilet. I showed my face in to my hands and the tears started running silently. Why was I crying? I didn't knew if I should be happy or sad. I was having a baby... We were having a baby. I needed to tell him. He needed to know. Where would this bring us? What would happen with us? I didn't know and I sure didn't know what to expect either. I sighted in heavily and raised from my seat. With shivers running through my entire body I let my hands stroke over my stomach.
Life. Life. Life. It was a whole new life. A life growing inside me. Of course I was happy. I wanted kids, but was this the right time? Were we ready? Would it ruin his carrier? Would it ruin mine? Maybe.. I watched myself in the mirror. The zink was cold when I leaned my hands against it. It cooled me down. I splashed some water in my face and removed my smushed make up. I wanted this kid. I wanted to be a mom.
Mom. Mom. Mom. A mom and a dad. We were going to be parents. This was good. I was sure now. With a smile I went out from the bathroom. The kid would grow up with the best parents anybody could ask for. We would love it with all of our hearts, just like we loved eachother.. limitless! We were going to be the happiest family in the world. I set over the water to make my self a cup of tea. I couldn't wait to tell him.
Him. Him. Him. He'd be shocked, none of us had expected this to happen. He had never mentioned the thought of us getting kids. We weren't even married. Did it matter? We loved each other and I knew we would be able to give our kid all the love it deserved. I got my mug of tea and went to´the livingroom. With a happy sight I sat down on the couch. Now I just had to wait for him to get home. He was in the studio. It was going to be hard with our scheduels, but we could pull through, we always did. Through thick and thin he was mine and I was his. I took a sip of my tea and the hot steam went through my body down my belly.
Belly. Belly. Belly. My belly was going to grow. My babybump would be coming soon. I stroke a hand over my soft skin and couldn't keep the smile from turning my lips up. It'd be amazing. I would probably look like shit but in the end it would be worth it. We were having a child. A real living child. Pure happiness rushed through my body. Right now I felt ready to conquer the world. The only thing I could do now was wait. Wait for him to get home so I could tell him. Spit the happy news. I truned on the tv and leaned back in my seat. This was the best thing that could happen.....

"Darling I'm home"
The door shut close and I looked up from the tv.. A sudden smile cracked my lips up when he entered the room.
"Hi babe, why so happy?"
He walked towards me with a pearling smile crunching his lips. He bend over the sofa's back and planted a soft kiss on my lips.
"Hey Justin.."
I mumbled in to his lips causing him to chuckle. He jumped over the back of the couch and crashed his arms around me. I giggled when he wrestled me down on the back. I got a hold around his neck and my head rolled back in laughter.
"You're so adorable when you laugh"
His sparkling brown eyes locked with mine and he trailed a finger over my smiling lips. The touch was soft and made me smile even wider.
"I missed you today"
I giggled at his words and his smile grew making his lips push further up. We sat up and he pulled me in to his chest. I rested my forehead in the crook of his neck. His fingers ran softly through my hair and his lips rested in the top of my head.
A mumbled escaped from his lips down in to my hair.
"Have you ever thought about starting a family?"
The room went silence and I pulled a bit away from him. His eyes were squeezed together with suspicioun in his face. He reached out and grabbed both my hands. We were sitting on the sofa facing each other. I bit down on my bottom lip nervously.
"(YN)... is there something you want to tell me?"
His eyes searched over my face and I blinked nervously.
I scraddled in my seat.
"You can tell me love"
He squeezed my hands and I met his eyes.
"I'm pregnant"
I looked down biting my lip. Justin's hands were intwined with mine like a puzzle where the pieces fitted perfectly together. We were made for each other
It was like he tasted the word trying to figure out how to react. My eyes turned up and was met by Justin's gaze. A smile was curling over his lips.
"We're pregnant"
The words slipped out like a whisper. His eyes were glazec with tears when he leaned out for me. I moved in to his close embrace. Justin nuzzled his face down to my hair and I heard a quiet sob escape him. I pulled away with a big smile
"Don't cry baby!"
I stroke my thumbs over his cheeks causing him to chuckle. He got up from the couch and pulled me after him. Without warning he grabbed my hands and started dancing aorund while singing loudly. I laughed at his excitement, I knew our family would be the happiest alive...

Family. Family. Family. We're going to have our own family. I can't believe it. We're both so happy. Justin went with me to my first appoitment at the doctor, they said that everything is like it has to be, nothing to worry about at all. I'm almost 2 month pregnant now and we still haven't told anybody. We probably should tell friends and family. It's so exciting, we're telling our parents over dinner.
Dinner. Dinner. Dinner. We invited our all our parents over for dinner tonight. I'm so anxious, what are they going to say? We're still so yound. Pattie was young when she had Justin, but I'm older than that. I'm not a teen, Justin's not a teen, we're responsible enough to have a child. Our child. Our life. Our family. We're telling them tonigt.
Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. It's all going down, I'm sure they will be just as happy as we are. Justin is so amazing. He is taking so good care of me. He won't let me do anything anymore, he says I nee to rest now when I'm pregnant. I adore him for being so sweet, it's too much. I love him. Love him with all my heart.

"Go lie down (YN), I'll clean"
Justin pushed me away from the closet where we kept our cleaning stuff, I groaned and he chuckled placing a kiss on the tip of my nose.
"You know I can help Justin"
I whined but he just shook his head at me.
"No way I'm letting you do this, it's too hard for you."
He swept me off my feet carrying me bridal style to the couch. I laughed as he plopped me down rolling down with a bump. He fake gasped throwing himself down beside me on the floor.
"Don't hurt our precious baby"
He warned me with a tap on my forehead. A giggled formed in my throat when he kissed my belly. A small bump was taking form. Justin rested his forehead against mine. His eyes were soaking me in and his lips brushed over mine softly.
"i love you so much (YN)"
His words mumled Down on my lips and i smiled when he forcely pressed them together in a kiss.
"i love you Too babe, now let's clean"
Before he could protest i Got up. I heard him sight heavily following me.
"just please don't carry anything heavy"
His yell reached and i laughed silently. We used the next couple of hours cleaning and everything. By the time we were done i was drained for energy and my back was miserable.
"you're alright?"
Justin hugged me from behind swaying us gently from side to side.
"just tired"
I replied mumlbling.
"now you go sit Down and relax and i'll start the cooking"
I didn't even have the energy to protest. I pecked his cheek with a little smile and went to lay Down on the couch. I must have fallen a sleep because i was woken up by a knock on the door. I sat up slowly doing my Best not to get dizzy.
"Hey mom. Dad."
Justin's voice reached me. I looked Down at my stained outfit and quickly rushed to our shared bedroom. I changed in to a long gown that showed my beginning babybump. I fixed my hair in a ponytail and just when the doorbell rang again i made my Way out. Our parents were greeting each lovingly in the entrance Hall.
They All looked up and i was embraced in several hugs.
"you look amazing"
Pattie smiled at me and i noticed her eyes scanning over my belly. Justin's arm snook around my waist.
"go take a seat guys, dinner's ready"
With happy agreement they All went to the dining room
"thank you for making dinner Justin,, sorry i fell asleep"
"don't worry abou that dear, you did what i told you too. And you look beautiful by the Way"
I blushed and he pushed a soft kiss to my lips. We brought the dinner in and i sat Down beside my mom. Justin seated across the table. The conversation was nice and Calm and it seemed Like Everybody enjoyed the meal
"Your cooking is quiet delicous Justin"
My mom stated and Justin thanked her happily.
"Well (YN) fell asleep so I had no choice"
"You told me to rest"
I protested Lightly causing Them All to laugh.
"You need the rest in this state"
Justin smiled. It was time to tell.
"What State?"
My dad eyed me sceptical and i gulped. Justin grabbed my hand from across the table. His thumb stroke rescurring circles on the back of my hand
"I'm pregnant"
A smile formed over my lips. I looked at Justin who mouthed me the words 'i love you'.
"that's so amazing"
My mom engulped me in a sitting hug and i laughed.
"yes, isn't it?"
Pattie, Jeremy and my dad All rushed to me giving me hugs and kisses. Soon Justin joined in the happy family moment. I was beyond happy, this kid was already the biggest gift in my life.

Soon. Soon. Soon. It's been nine months now, the baby will soon be here. I can't wait. Justin can't wait. Our families and friends can't wait. We're all so ecstatic to get our child to birth. Justin's fans are already protecting the kid like it's here and they know it. We don't know the sex, we want to be surprised. But we still have to choose a name.
Name. Name. Name. Many years ago Justin told his fans that when he got a boy he would name him Jason Born. It took a while to figure out but I agree. A boy will be Jason Born Bieber. A girl Iris Patricia Bieber, after Justin's mother. I can't wait anymore. I want the kid to come. My bump is so big now.
Bump. Bump. Bump. Soon my bump will be gone and we'll have a kid instead. It's surreal, everything we have been waiting for the last 9 months. It's going to be hard, but Justin had taking the first 6 months off to stay home. We're going to be a family. A real family. Father, mother and child. But first I need to go through labor.
Labor. Labor. Labor. I'm so nervous, everyone says it hurts like hell. I'm scared, but I know I have to go through it. Plus Justin will be with me the whole time. He's so amazing. I knew from the first time I met that he was the one. The love of my life. The one I want to share the rest of my life with. He's everything I could have ever wished for. He's taking so good care of me. I love him more than words can describe.

It felt like my whole body crumbled together and a loud whine escaped my lips.
"(YN)! (YN)! you're okay?"
Justin came rushing in to the living room where I was laying like a little ball on the couch. My stomach and back was aching like hell.
"aww come here dear"
Justin sat down beside me and pulled me on his lap. I whined in pain snuggling my head in to his chest. His hands stroke my back gently trying to ease the pain. It suddenly felt like a stopper popped out of my vagina and a liquid spread between my legs.
His soft lips mumbled in to my skin.
"I think my water just broke"
My voice was only a slight whisper. We looked at each other and I raised slowly relieving a wet spot on Justin's jeans. He got up and looked down at himself. His eyes went to meet mine and a smile went over his lips. Softly he stroke his hand over my cheek and left a soft kiss on my lips.
"we're going to the hospital. Stay here"
Before I knew it he rushed to the bedroom. The contractions were getting worse and I leaned forward resting my hands on the couch.
"Justin" HURRY!"
I yelled with all my force. He yelled some kind of response back and I barked in pain. Suddenly he came rushing back with a bag over his shoulder and a clean pair of trousers.
"Come on!"
He grabbed my hand and shushed me down to the car in a rush. On the way to the hospital I kept rocking back and forth to make it up for the pain erupting in my lower body. We finally arrived at the hospital where we were greeted by a huge amount of doctors. I got to lay down and got my drops to dim the pain. Justin had called our parents and they were now on their way to the airport to get here, they wouldn't be here before tomorrow.
"Now Miss (Your last name), you're already ready, it seems like this is going to go rarely easily. Now take a deep breath and when I say push you push, ok?"
The doctor was seated between my wide spread legs and I nodded without a word, the contractions still hurt. Justin got a hold of my hand. I turned to look at him.
"Remember I love you (YN). You're the best thing that ever happened to me and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you"
I managed to send him a smile before a new contractions set in and I whined loudly. When the next one came the doctor asked me to push and so I did. The next hours were like hell. Me pushing all I could with the pain running through me and the sweat keeping up it's speed rolling over my entire body.
"You can do it babe. I know you can. You're strong"
Justin kept speaking to me through the entire thing and it helped me to keep trying. After the. what felt like the hardest workout ever, had been going on for more than three hours I finally felt like something was happening. Before I knew it a baby cry broke through the room and my force ran out of my body.
"Mr. Bieber, Miss (your last name), you've given birth to a boy"
The doctor held up the kid and I squeezed Justin's hand. The kid was screaming his lungs out and a nurse quickly took him to clean him. I looked at Justin with the tears streaming down my cheeks. His eyes were blurry from tears. He leaned down and kissed my lips with so much affection.
"I love you and Jason"
I smiled at his words and pulled away. The baby screams stopped and the nurse came over to us with the little bulge in her arms.
"Here you go"
She handed me the little boy and I looked at the baby in my arms.
"Hey Jason. Hi buddy. It's so great to finally see you. Mom and dad already loves you"
Justin's soft voice sang down to our little child and I sniffled in. The tears kept running and Justin laid his arms around me and Jason.
"Jason Born Bieber"
I whispered before laying a soft kiss to his forehead.
"I love you"
It was official. We were a family and I could not become any happier.


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    How about YN is at a beach or some place where there's water and she can't swim so she somehow trips, falls in the water, and Justin saves her from near death, theyget to know each other, date, etc etc, and get married? Idk I can't think of something good right now lol. My mind is blank haha.


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