19 Jun 2011

Short Imagine story :*

(you won a meet and greet ticket to Justin Bieber's concert in Your City)
-the story begins backstage only minutes before kick off-
Kenny: where is Justin!? He's going on in 5!!
Ryan: he's in his dressing room, acting all weird! I think he's nervous!
Kenny: okay… well i'll go find him!
*in the dressing room*
-Justin is walking nervously around in a circle-
Kenny: aye brow! What's up with you? I've never seen you like this!
Justin: It's just… you know … like… eehhrmm
Kenny: Come on Biebs! What's wrong? Is it a girl!?
Justin: no… well yeah… errrhmm (he shakes his head) never mind!
Kenny: Okay, i'm not gonna ask you more questions! But you have to come with me now, you're going on in 30 secs!
Justin: I'm coming!
*they start walking really fast to the scene*
-Justin is looking down-
Kenny: come on boy! I know you, I can see something is wrong!?
Justin: just tell me… is (yn) in the front row?
Kenny: she is, just like you wanted!
Justin: great! -his face lights up-
Kenny: ouuuh! Somebody is having a lil crush huh'!?
Justin: shut up! -his cheeks go red-
*All lights on stage go off*
- you're standing right infront of the stage-
-the crowd goes nuts! But you're just standing with a foolish smile on Your face! All you Can think about is the m & g with Justin -
*a few hours Earlier at the m&g*.
>> your pov. <<
some man opened the door, and you stepped in. Only a few metres infront of you he stood. You were facing his back, but there was no doubt... this was JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER!  This was your biggest dream coming true! You couldn't help it but smile. He turned around and his jaw dropped! He quikly clothed his mouth. He came closer and you stepped forward.

Justin: Hi beautiful! I'm Justin.
-He looked deeply into your eyes, and your heart melted.
You: I'm (yn)
-He gave you a stunning smile
Justin: Nice to meet you shawty!
-He pulled you into a close hug. His smell made you dizzy. He let go of you.
Justin: You're extremely gorgeous!
-He gave you a elevator look, and you blushed
You: Aww thank you! Well you probably heard it before, but you're pretty handsome
-You winked and he laughed
Justin: Well I never heard it from such a cutie!
-He smiled, and you blushed.... again!
Justin: Let's get a picture right?
You: Yeah... that's why I'm here!
-You both giggled a bit and walked over to the camera.
Justin: So..... How do you want the picture?
You: What do you mean?
Justin: Normally I just put my are around the fans, but you're something special!
You: awww.......
Justin: let's do it like this!
-He grabbed you by the waist, rested his head on your shoulder, while he pressed his lips against your cheek! You're heart beated while the photographer shot some pictures.
He stepped back, and you turned around to face him!
Justin: That was nice! we should do that more often!
You: Agreed
-You just stood and looked deeply in eachother's eyes, until somebody cleared their throat! Justin blushed, he looked adorable
Justin: sorry!
You: Never mind
-You smiled and he smiled back
Justin: what do you say about being in the first row at the concert?
You: You're serious?
Justin: Of course cutie!
you: Omg omg! yes yes! thank you Justin
-You jumped and threw your arms aruond his neck! He held your tight!
Justin(whispering): Thank you!
You:(lean back, still with arms around him): sorry! what did you say?
Justin: Thank you!
You: thank me for what?
Justin: for coming here today! I really like you, you're cool!
You: If it weren't for you, I woudn't be here, 'cause if you weren't famous I wouldn't be here :D
Justin: that's true!
-You  both laughed!
Justin: But you gotta go now shawty, I'll spot you from the stage
-He winked!
You:hehee sure! I'm so grateful that I met you Justin!
Justin: awww!
-He hugged you tight! You gave him a peck on the cheeck and walked out the door. you could feel his eyes following you until the door closed!
>>Back to reality<<
The concert was on! It was amazing! Justin was singing, dancing and joking! You were pretty sure that he looked at you through the whole thing!
Justin: So girls.. and guys! Are you having fun?
Crowd: *SCREAM*
Justin: I guess that's a yes!?
Crowd: *SCREAM*
-You could feel somebody tapping your shoulder! you turned around, and some stranger, security guy stood behind you-
Sranger/security guy: Follow me please
You: errhmm okay!
-You followed himbackstage-
(You could hear Justin from the stage)
Justin: Today I choosed a special girl to join me on stage! I just met her, but I think this could be real! Please give it up for (YN)
-The stranger pushed you out on stage! the lights were blinding you! You could feel Justin taking your hand, and you relaxed!
Justin: This is (YN)! What do you guys think?
Justin:Well I think she's beautiful!
-You blushed!
Justin: I wanna sing this next song to her!
-He turned around and faced you. He pulled you closer, his arms layed around your waist and his forehead rested on yours! You could feel his warm breath tinkle on your lips!
JUstin: *singing stuck in the moment*
-While he was singing he was standing, looking deeply into your eyes! you could feel that this was something special!
*His voice slowly faded away*
-He leaned in and kissed your cheek!
The crowd went crazy!
Justin: (YN) wanna go on a date with me?
You: Of course!
-He hugged you tightly!
Crowd: Awww!
Justin: Give it up for my date tonight (YN)
-The crowd cheered, while you walked down the stage! This was the best night of your life... and it was only getting better, cause you had a date!

The end!:D

Leave a comment if you want a part 2!


  1. I really want a part 2 for this story :D it's amazing :D

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  4. please please please part 2

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